Upcoming events in 2008:

Date Description Where
11/03 Launch day
Launch of Windows Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Server 2008.
Ghent, Belgium
12/03 13/03 TechDays
Technical event formerly known as the Developer & IT Pro Days.
Ghent, Belgium
12/03 QCon London
QCon is a conference that is organized by the community,
for the community.
London, UK
31/03 Architect’s Master Class
IDesign Architect’s Master Class with Juval Lowy at Compuware Belgium
Compuware, Zaventem, Belgium
06/05 Patterns & Practices Summit Quebec, Canada
25/06 Code Generation 2008
CG2008 is for software practitioners and those with a stake in the future of their development organisation.
Cambridge, UK
30/06 Tools 2008
Objects, Models, Components, Patterns.
Zurich, Switzerland
19/10 OOPSLA 2008 Nashville, US

Passed events:

Date Description Where
21/02 2008 Service Factory: Modeling edition
Olaf Conijn will be telling us about the next release of the Service Factory and how we can use it to build Services.
Compuware, Zaventem, Belgium

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