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Move Something
Exercise is necessary to life. When we spend energy, we get more energy. While we are young most of us get at least a moderate amount of exercise. But as we grow older many times sedentary jobs consume our time and reduce our initiative. Small daily practices can keep us flexible and supple. Walking five [..]

You Have The Right To Self-Defense
One of the biggest reasons people, many of them women, start to train martial arts is to gain some degree of knowledge in self-defense. Given the current state of civilization, this is hardly surprising. The only way to stay alive and healthy is to be informed, aware and ready to act to protect yourself and [..]

Parenting A Teenager’s Identity
As children develop mentally, the ability to identify abstract concepts becomes clear. Children under the age of 12 live in a concrete world. They think in terms of black and white, yes and no, up and down. By age 13, you will start to notice a big change in the way your child thinks. Your [..]

Cooking With Carcinogens?
Researchers have found that cooking foods to the point of browning or charring produces carcinogens. That even includes browned or burnt toast. The simple act of cooking and overcooking foods produces these cancer-causing substances. Simply burning and charring animal proteins are not the only culprits responsible for producing carcinogens. Amino acids and other chemicals found [..]

Does the Brand or Model of the Club Really make a Difference?
It’s the shaft of the club that is going to make the most difference so get fitted for the shaft that best suits your swing speed. Shafts basically come in 3 different flexes: Stiff, Regular, and Ladies. The greater the swing speed, the stiffer (stronger) the shaft. What about the size of the club head [..]

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